Born in Edinburgh, Scotland and raised in the village of Blackness on the river Forth.  At the age of seventeen my mother dragged me along to the Royal Navy careers office (as it turned out, a good thing) and I embarked upon a twenty-three-year career, which took me all over the world.
My travels continue; to date I have visited thirty five countries, some a number of times. I have lived and worked in seven countries.
As well as my Naval career, I have been a certified mountain guide; made and installed kilns in Australia; An instructor in Saudi Arabia; Documentation Manager for a software company in  Taiwan; and in the USA I have been a salesman for Sears, a firefighter, an emergency medical technician, a jewelry store manager, and for the last nine years, the senior case manager for the National Expert Witness Network based in Paradise, California. http://www.newnexperts.com
Outside of work, I have hiked across Scotland from the Atlantic to the North sea through the mountains on my own to raise money for Children's Hospice Scotland.  I was the voluntary entertainments manager in Saudi Arabia, putting on two events a month for eighteen months for around one hundred people per event.  Since moving to California, I have volunteered as a firefighter with Paradise Fire Department, as an Ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce, as the President of Butte County Scottish Society and the Event Chair of "The Relay For Life" American Cancer Society. 
I am a Balvenie and Glenfiddich Associate Brand Ambassador for the William Grant & Sons Company, but also host for many other whisky companies.  I have been hosting whisky tastings, whisky/food pairing dinners, and whisky/cigar pairings in both California and Nevada for the last four years.  I have been reviewing whiskies (mainly scotch) since 2010 and write about them in a free whisky newsletter ("Slange") that goes out to readers in ten different countries and is featured on a number of websites, including this one.  
I also give talks/presentations on Scotland/whisky/highland dress/kilts etc, and have emceed many events all over the world, including the Las Vegas Celtic Games (twice).  I am also a reviewer for "Worldwide Delicacies" (food and drink) and for "Trip Advisor" (Hotels and Restaurants) where over thirty five thousand people have read my reviews.