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Newsletters 2020


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"Always carry a large flagon of whisky in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake."


Issue 224 North British Distillery 10-year-old

I now a look at the North British Distillery 10-year-old from Wemyss Malts, which I tried Last night at home, courtesy of my buddy Mark Jones and his Whisky advent calendar gift (you dodged a bullet with this one Mark).
This is a single grain scotch whisky and they have called it “Watermelon Wedge,” while I did indeed get a hint of watermelon when I first tasted it, I think a more appropriate name would have been “Napalm.”
I can’t Remember ever having tasted a hotter whisky, while it comes in at 46% It tastes more like 46,000%.
It burned so badly that I added water to it, tasted it, then added more Water, tasted it again and added more water, with the result that while it was now drinkable, it didn’t taste of watermelon or anything else.
Definitely not for the faint of heart.

So, would I buy it? No, I wouldn’t.


You can buy North British Distillery 10-year-old for around $65.00 a bottle.


Tasting Notes

Nose - Brown sugar, cedar & nutmeg

Palate - Hint of Watermellon & dragon fire

Finish - Death of taste buds & volcanoes



Issue 223 - Glenfarclas 1963 Family Cask

I now a look at the Glenfarclas 1963 family cask, I tried this at
Whiskyfest in San Francisco, it was very fruity, and a little hot.
Funny thing was, when I added water to it, it was still hot, but the
flavor diminished, I’ve never had that happen before or since when adding water.
As the name suggests this was bottled in 1963, after a long
maturation in a sherry cask, how long? I’ve no idea, I can’t find that out, but judging from the taste and mouthfeel of the whisky, it was a long time.
Best bet to taste this whisky, is the next time you are in the Speyside region of Scotland go to the “Mash Tun” restaurant in Aberlour.
More on that in page 2.
So, would I buy it? No, it is a nice whisky, but way out of my price

You can buy Glenfarclas 1963 family cask for around $7,150.00 a

Tasting Notes

Nose - Rich, fruity & chocolate

Palate - Madeira & rum fruits

Finish - Fruit & espresso


Issue 222 - Arran 21-year-old

I now a look at the Arran 21-year-old, which I tasted thanks to my friend Mark who had a Whisky Advent Calendar, but needed help with drinking a whisky everyday.  So a big thank you, to you Mark, glad I could assist.

This is the first release (2018) of a 21-year-old from Arran as part of it’s core range of whiskies and a fine first attempt it is.

A good amount of fruit on the nose and palate, not as in your face with fruit as say a Balvenie, or a Macallan, but a nice amount all the same.

The age gives it a nice oily mouthfeel that coats the inside of your mouth, and there is not a lot of heat to it.

For those of you not familiar with the Isle of Arran, it sits between the Scottish mainland and the Kintyre peninsula .  The Isle of Arran distillery also produce a whisky called Ledaig (it’s smoky whiskies), that you may have come across.   


So, would I buy it?  Yes I would, it’s not cheap, but it is nice.


You can buy Arran 21-year-old for around $160.00 a bottle. 


Tasting Notes:


Nose  - Apricot, Pineapple & Prune


Palate  - Chocolate orange, plum & a hint of cedar


Finish  - Candied fruit, herbs & oak


Issue 221 - Top Ten of 2019

To see the full top 10, click the title above.

This issue I look back at 2019 and pick the ten best (in my opinion) whiskies that  I tasted in the last year.  


(10)  Jameson “Black Barrel,” yes, an Irish whisky in my top 10, this is a Steal at this price.


Approximate Cost per bottle  - $45.00


Tasting Notes:


Nose  - Coconut & tropical fruits


Palate  - Coconut, cinnamon, dates & peach


Finish  - Long finish with cinnamon & fruit






(9)  Oban 14-year-old, (pronounced Obin), from the town of Oban on the west coast.


Approximate Cost per bottle  - $65.00


Tasting Notes


Nose - Sweet, fruity, with sea salt, small amounts of peat and smoke


Palate - Rich fruit, honey, malt, spice and light smoke


Finish - Sweet oak with a pinch of salt